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The Best Escorts blog are my best friend

The Best Escorts blog are my best friend

Dec 14, 2023



It’s part of the human experience and I think everyone has this innate urge. Therefore, it is not surprising that attraction always exists between younger men and older women. Well, I thought this was complete nonsense until it happened to me.

Escort blogs are my best friend. The escort blog family is originally from Mexico. They ended up owning a fairly busy restaurant on the east side of town. Escorts Blog and I have become good friends. Because we’re both big football fans and that’s all she talked about.

I had never looked at an escort blog as someone I wanted to have sex with. It’s not that she’s ugly, I mean she looks like a pornohabit at with big breasts.I mean, what is now no longer to like there? But as I got to know her on a purely friendly or platonic level, my attraction to her never grew beyond that. Maybe she feels the same way about me, or maybe she’s looking for something more, but I don’t really care. So basically I thought of her as her sister.

Anyway, Escorts Blog and I spent quite a bit of time hanging out at her house. We watched TV and talked about homework, but we never actually did homework together and basically just fooled around. She is the type of girl who is generally more comfortable with guys than other girls. She’s not a tomboy, she’s not straight-laced, she’s nothing like that. She’s the kind of gal who likes to talk about things that are a little outside the box or beyond the limits, so she’s more comfortable with guys. She has a strange imagination and that’s part of the reason I liked her so much.

Anyway, one night we were just hanging out at her house and her mom came back from the restaurant very, very tired and didn’t have time to make dinner for Escort Blog and me as a guest. She usually packs the food.  Maybe it’s meatloaf or pasta, but normally she would take the time and effort to prepare something for me and the escort blog.

Well, tonight was an exception. She just stopped doing it early. Escorts Blog said she was going to sleep, so I went to the living room, got a nice bed, and slept. A few hours later, probably around 2pm, I felt this hand wrap around the shaft of my cock. And I was so shocked, dude. I didn’t know what to expect.

“Escort blog means whoever you are, you put your finger on my lips and told me to shut up.”And sure enough, I felt tight, hot, warm lips around my cock. I felt it. I’ll tell you, when I was 19, it was really, really hard to keep it down. It’s really almost impossible.

This woman and I knew it was a woman. Because she knew what she was doing. She sucked just fine and gently moved her tongue over the head of my cock. She knew where all the nerve endings were. She knew the right moves to set off a nervous chain reaction. she was professional. And even though I didn’t have the heart to grab her cheek and look straight into her eyes to see who it was, I just enjoyed her ride. She quickly straddled me and it wasn’t long before I was doing a personal imitation of Mount Vesuvius inside her vagina. There should be a bucket’s worth of bullets in this narrow hole.

She was sweating and smelled faintly of onions. Now, most people would be disappointed by this, but I was excited. It was a Mexican restaurant, and I immediately knew it was Mr. Garcia because of the faint smell of onions and cilantro.

And after I shot my load, I just collapsed on the bed and pretended to sleep. She never turned on the lights, and once they started, everything was over. And to this day, we meet often on escort blogs and even at Mr. Garcia’s house, but to this day, no one has said anything about that magical night.

But believe me, that night my Penthouse Forum fantasies were shattered. This is not only possible, but very possible under the right circumstances.


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